Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cold Wars in the Kitchen

We always have a habit to be right always. If the other person challenges us, we forget all our ethics and then plan to win the battle by being right. Because the ego in us makes the move. All do that, and i guess it’s a natural act as well. I always have this tough war going in my mind every time about being right or to be happy. And finally as usual the battle is won by being right and happiness is gone for a toss. But i advice everybody that one should always think to be happy, than being right .I know its very easy to lecture than to follow.
We every time do this with the one whom we are close. And this in turn hurts pains a lot. The feelings here are so natural. I also have this quality in me. I know guys are wrong in guessing my quality. I have a quality of being right than being happy. Whenever there are advices or suggestion or any such thing that involves me being wrong (my thought), my ego is taking a great place. And i by all means give it a chance to take over me .At last the output is i end up being unhappy, hurting someone. But i then introspect when i know that it hurts both me and the other person why i do i actually do it. There should be a way out were i can manage this ego in a right way than hurting someone.
Whenever my husband enters the kitchen there is a cold war in my mind going on.Becuase there a historical background for this. And that’s kitchen is only the birth right of a women. No one else can conquer it.Therefore, even though he cooks well a few of the dishes it’s so difficult for me to give a good comment. But he does not say anything. But if same thing happens with me, there would be a war at home with all the concerns, love, feelings blackmail, etc. I guess with all this cute things happening around the feelings for each other build up very strong. But when all these happen the pain would be very much. So i was thinking how can i change my self a bit. Because i will not be able change much and that would not suit me as well.
Therefore, now a day’s whenever my husband is in kitchen i make sure either am out of the kitchen or i would shut my mouth. This helps me not to be angry without any reason on him and also less fights. This really works. There are no fights, no cold wars, and no misunderstandings. Also that i talk sometime in between with him in the kitchen.
These might be very small things which all may feel very funny. But i never felt that way. May be because i have just begun with my married life so. But anyway i wanted this to be solved before any great disaster coming into our life.
Therefore, ladies i just have one thing to say. Do not take away the right of men managing the kitchen. This gives you the pride of happily spending your time in other jobs than slogging in kitchen always. Give a break to yourself and a chance to your hubby darlings to prove themselves as a great cooks.