Sunday, November 21, 2010

An unusual Evening

I guess by this particular title many of you might be eager to know what that incident was or for that matter an accident?...but yes that was a beautiful incident that just happened a few days back.Though it might sound boring,of much less importance.But for me i learnt a lesson of finding happiness in small l'll things happening around you.One should expereince only then these inspirational statements do really mean in our lives.
Well,let me explain what exactly happend.It was a Saturday evening and me and my hubby where so confused as to where to spend our rest of evening.Because we are not that used to stay at home on weekends.It sounds hell to us.Therefore,at first we decided we would visit a place called Little India here.As we thought we can as well have our dinner.But as it was weekend,the streets are crowded there.It actually looks like India during weekends :)
So both dropped the idea.My next target was obviously shopping which i love the most after coming to Singapore.But i was shocked to hear that before me my husband made the plan of taking me for shopping.But instead of happily agreeing i disagreed with him.Apne hi pair pe kulhadi mar di...Because the place he suggested was not great.However,at last we reached the bus stand.My husband wanted to watch the movie RED.He told me that.But we were in the wrong bus stand to go for it.So we decided we would travel by the first bus that would come now.So we settled down with this plan.Finally a bus arrived but we did not get in as we thought we did not want to go by it.But my dear husband suddenly realised that this bus does help us to reach our destination of movie.The bus was about to leave,we stopped the driver who was looking like a batata vada with his chinky eyes.And so as the passengers in the bus.The ones who were snoaring away to glory also were staring at us as if they had just met the bharathis of a bhooth.So finally we reached the theatre and got a ticket for RED.Later it was time for the pet pooja.So we decided something different today.So it was Pizza Hut this time.Never even thought about it.But felt so happy.Just enjoyed the evening.Especially the bus incident.We laughed away to glory.The movie also was a great combination of happiness.
A few small l'll things just make your day.I realised it.You smile at somebody,however the person's mood is he would feel great.You compliment a person who is not even the star of attraction,he feels proud of himself.So the day went on.I just reached home and thanked god for a lovely evening and a great life partner who cares about my happiness.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Job Profile - Housewife

I know you guys must be wondering what this job profile is all about.But yes this is one of those job profile's with which our mother's worked without complaining.Just for us.Those days i never felt that its a great job,never felt like its a job either.Because they never made us feel so.And we were so happy as our worlds revolved around them.

I had never even thought that i would blog about this topic ever in my life.As it never made an impression in my mind.Yes,but now its my turn to be one among them.'HOUSEWIFE'.That sounds quiet boring and behenji types na.I know as soon as one comes to know that one is an housewife quickly our thinking goes to say,'oh she has got ample amount of time ...she has no other job than browsing fb...she can go around'.God!.Also the daily soaps are as well dedicated to the housewives.Though only about handfull of them watch it.But i do not understand the mentality of people.Bieng an housewife is not a simple and easy job at all.It's a thankless job infact.Also we are not paid for it.But yes the performance appraisals do schedule every now and then .

I do understand how my mother has taken care of me and my sister.The cooking,looking after our studies,the daily household chores....but not a single complaint.She was very dedicated staff of her household.I can say the founder of our family.

The reason for me to write this article is because am daily facing the comments showered on me being a housewife.There are a few good ones as well.I do not say the others are bad....but they do put me to think negatively.

I just want to express my gratitude towards all mother's and my mother especially for bieng such a dedicated person and a dedicated,loyal housewife.

Freinds please respect them....they are the backbone of our families.



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Living each minute,each day as if you would never get them back again

All you guys are feeling andy ko kya hua hai..badi senti ban rahi hai....yes dear's iam senti now.But there's a reason behind this.Just in the noon was feeling bugged with my last moment rush for the squeezing in of assignements.So thought lets download some movie.After a long time i was doing that.So i got 'We are Family' on my list.I did not feel like to watch.As it was sounding too emotional and also its KJ movie.So obviously there would a lot emotional drama.But there was no other go.As other top movies i was fed up of watching.Then it was time to get emotional and wet my T-shirt with tears.
The movie started off very well.Its wherein Kajol and Arjun are divorced and thier cute l'll 3 kids are stuck between them and Kajol's soutan Kareena.Everything goes on well untill its revealed that Kajol has cervical cancer .And she would be living only for few days.Baapre all the emotions break out.Laptop ke andhar bhi rona,laptop ke bahar bhi rona...rona hi rona...So it goes on that way...ab kya main saari ki saari kahani sunao..koi kaam dhanda nahin hai kya...obviously yaar hindi movie hai in the end allz well tho hona hi hai.
But when i was just watching it,i felt something that i thought i should share it with all.My sis always beleives live life king size.So do my parents.I used to always ignore it thinking all are getting senti.But today i realised,how true it is.Lets start living this life with each second in it,with each day in it.And you shall be happy ever after.You may never know whether you would be able to watch the sunrise of tomorrow.Because,that's the only secret god has never revealed to mankind.The death.
When you want your wishes to come true,make it come true.Do not wait for tomorrow.
If you love someone very much,please admit to them that yes i love you.Try to keep the loved ones around you happy,a smile can make thier day and they would never forget you.
Live life so beautifully that the almighty would feel proud and honoured that he is your creator.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Diary

Everyday i think i should pen down some or the other things of my day in my sweet diary.But somtimes never find any time.But i just love the way i write.Honeslty.I can be a good writer.I always can think about that option.Just kidding.No need of doing that funny face for this.
But honestly keeping a diary to pen down your daily updates,its so refreshing.It helps to go back to it anytime whenever you are in a good mood.I do that.I feel my life,the way i have dipicted in my diary in just like another hindi movie.You have fights,romance,friends,jealousy,stubborn,bitchy,so on......No wonder when one day people would definitly hear my name as an author or movie writer.
I feel so good whenever i just look back into those pages which i have written already.I would have mixed emotions and feeling.We go through so much in our lives so smoothly ,isn't it?
Do we anytime get tired of what's going on in our lives?i guess sometime yes.We give up easily.As i have done so many times as per my diary.Just felt so foolish and idioit for my acts.I reacted so wierdly for so many things in my life without even realising that i am hurting my people as well.But that's life.And am not a daily soap zee,sony or Star TV actress who would be so good no matter how bad and monstorus the people around her are.
I have realised one thing.Many disastrous events have occured in my life.But i have never gone away from my diary writing skill.It has always been my dahling.I guess its always important for one to be connected to one's emotion and feeling.And diary can help you very much.You can fight,convince,hate,love anything you want with it.It would not say anything.It would accept you without complaining.Such a sweetheart.Why can't people be that way.We are always judgemental and assumption freaks.
So my advice to those who have this great skill of writing diary,please do not let it go.Its your strength,a mirror ,a shadow of you.Trust it!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Jealousy-a big bug

"hey andy she is so beautiful na?", "do you know that he got a promotion?","hey you know she sings very well"....god i cannot take it.Really its not the others who cannot take the progress or happiness of others.But its me.Beleive me.Did not realise this till date.But recently when i was attending my regular counselling course this great incident happened.It was life changing as well.
One of my coursemate who also is an indian by origin and also my great friend always would be with me.We would have lot of fun together.But on that day another indian lady came to us and just spoke to her saying hey are you the same lady who used to RJ in the singapore indian music station? she was embarrased to answer it.But she told yes.I was shocked.Later as well heard that she was very good at it.After that conversation,did not feel like concentrating more on the class.I was not able to recognise my emotion.But was not feeling comfortable.It was so suffocating.However the lectures where over.Reached home with a heavy heart!!!!!!!!!
I could not keep it my tummy anymore.My tummy started to pain very badly.So informed my husband about it.He was very happy to hear about the RJ lady and also started prasing about her.I really got so upset.But did not know why.In the night while going to bed i opened my diary to share my day with my great book.I realised about this awkward but one of the common emotion "JEALOUS" .Then also realised that i have Vit 'J' in higher composition.I need to get some medication for this.
I really cannot take this.Yes i really.Whenever there is a good news which also matters to my age group people,i feel good at first.But later i feel demotivated.I feel iam nothing.I have not done enough good deeds in my life wherein people would be benefited.I am a waste body (in my language).
But there was another issue.If i have allowed this awkward emotion to come then i also need to make use of it in a better way.Right????
I need to use this as a weapon for me to motivate myself to as well progress in life.Oh please not again andy...Jab bhi mauka miltha hai...philosophy jhadni shuru....But yes sweety.This life is so beautiful.Why waste with thinking so much.The greatest enemy i founf of myself is thinking.I think so much .Not a single good one.But all the crap.But sometimes it does win over me.Just because sometimes i would be idle,it just occupies me like a monster around.But hey not anymore.Andy is full energetic to destroy you.
So that's the story of me and my stupid emotion.But i never deny,its always helped me to achieve my goals.
Therefore the moral of the story is..just drive you mind towars your goals,keep a objective that is clear to you and also vit 'J' in good amount.
Wow....i do write so beautifully....feeling J or i envy me??????...stop thinking girl...


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cold Wars in the Kitchen

We always have a habit to be right always. If the other person challenges us, we forget all our ethics and then plan to win the battle by being right. Because the ego in us makes the move. All do that, and i guess it’s a natural act as well. I always have this tough war going in my mind every time about being right or to be happy. And finally as usual the battle is won by being right and happiness is gone for a toss. But i advice everybody that one should always think to be happy, than being right .I know its very easy to lecture than to follow.
We every time do this with the one whom we are close. And this in turn hurts pains a lot. The feelings here are so natural. I also have this quality in me. I know guys are wrong in guessing my quality. I have a quality of being right than being happy. Whenever there are advices or suggestion or any such thing that involves me being wrong (my thought), my ego is taking a great place. And i by all means give it a chance to take over me .At last the output is i end up being unhappy, hurting someone. But i then introspect when i know that it hurts both me and the other person why i do i actually do it. There should be a way out were i can manage this ego in a right way than hurting someone.
Whenever my husband enters the kitchen there is a cold war in my mind going on.Becuase there a historical background for this. And that’s kitchen is only the birth right of a women. No one else can conquer it.Therefore, even though he cooks well a few of the dishes it’s so difficult for me to give a good comment. But he does not say anything. But if same thing happens with me, there would be a war at home with all the concerns, love, feelings blackmail, etc. I guess with all this cute things happening around the feelings for each other build up very strong. But when all these happen the pain would be very much. So i was thinking how can i change my self a bit. Because i will not be able change much and that would not suit me as well.
Therefore, now a day’s whenever my husband is in kitchen i make sure either am out of the kitchen or i would shut my mouth. This helps me not to be angry without any reason on him and also less fights. This really works. There are no fights, no cold wars, and no misunderstandings. Also that i talk sometime in between with him in the kitchen.
These might be very small things which all may feel very funny. But i never felt that way. May be because i have just begun with my married life so. But anyway i wanted this to be solved before any great disaster coming into our life.
Therefore, ladies i just have one thing to say. Do not take away the right of men managing the kitchen. This gives you the pride of happily spending your time in other jobs than slogging in kitchen always. Give a break to yourself and a chance to your hubby darlings to prove themselves as a great cooks.