Thursday, November 26, 2009

A new begining

There is a new beginning in ones life everytime there is a drastic change in ones life.Like the one that is happening to me.'Marriage' the extremely and lovely relationships among all.Only a few more days to go for it.And am full of mixed emotions.Am very happy that am gonna finally be there with my most beloved man in my life.Am very happy with the way our relationship is going on.Am happy and thankful to god for giving me such a wonderful life partner.Am happy to cherish each and every moment of this phase in my life with my family.Am happy with the way the marriage arrangements are going.But...but....but.....somewhere in the corner of my heart am nervous,sad,emotional......I don't understand what is happening in me.All are happy for me.But am nervous for this new relationship.I do not want anything to go wrong between us.I want to give 200% to this relationship.Want to be a noble couple like that of my parents.Am moving away from my people here.Only a few more days am with them.My parents,my sis,jiju,niece,...all just love me so much.Cannot think about the day when they would see me off to a unknown place alone.
From there my journey begins with a new phase of life.Here i would be a part of all the major decisions in life.Responsibilites increase.More maturity is expected from me.Expectations are more from all sides.Have to atleast try to keep all this together.It looks so complicated,tough,impossible.
But hey this is a life....i love it.I know i would be a great human bieng at the end of the day...and that's what it matters....i thank my parents and my family to make me a person who iam today..right now...i would definitly not do any such thing that would trouble thier honour and reputation....
I wish myself a very happy married life ahead.May the god almighty shower all his blessings on both of us to make a wonderful life together.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


When someone asked this question "what will you do if if you have only one more day to live?".It interesting to know how each of us would answer this question.Some wouls say that they would like to make the most of the day.They want ot enjoy each minute.A few would want to spend time in prayers so that they can acheive salvation after death.A few may want to kill thier enemies.Well, i thought over it again and again,then only one thing came into my mind.That i would be doing what exactly am doing now.For today,i even do not know whether i even have one full day more to live.If i have a need to change the way i spend the day,when i know it is the last one,then obviously i am not living the way i should be.Why should i wait for the announcement of my death sentence before making those last minute changes?.
Someonw has givne me this gift of life. I need to utilise the way it has to be.But do we really have something called planned life?well then i guess the answer is NO.There is nothin like a planned living.Everytime we get things that are not planned or we had least expected for.Therefore,when anythin is not planned in life ,why get into an impression saying we have a secured furute before us?
Death is the more scary part of everybodies life.Most of us do not even want to pain our brains for that.The normal understnading about death is that it's a end of an life.An end of living of an human bieng on this earth.But as per our ancestors there is life after death.Therefore,when one lives this world all the religions in this world follow some customes and rituals for the departed soul to rest in peace.It is believed that if the souls do not rest in peace,the humans who live in this world would not live in peace.
To understand this concept of death ,a book called "Many lives, Many masters" by Dr.Brian Weiss just attracted me a few days back.The title itself interested me so much that i could not stop reading it.In this book Dr.Weiss shares his experience that he had while curing one of his patients through a 'past life therapy'.It sounds wierd,but its true.The therapy is useful in eradicating any major phobias in ones life.
The book also shows a clear picture about our purpose to be born and reborn on this planet.If one is not confident enough to carry the task in his /her present life it gets carreid forward to thier next life.The book also refers to the 'masters' who show thier visiblity in between the book as knowledge preachers.They are the ones who show directions to our lives,but unfortunately we fail to recognise them with our conscious minds.They come into picture when we are in our unconscious mind.
The book further says that we live life more than one or seven times as per the general belief.If in all these lives our body and soul suffers pain,we get a new life to overcome this pain.
In this mechanical world wherein we do not know what is in store for us in the next moment,we tend to plan for the next 20-30 yers in terms of making our future secure.We venture into all life helping insurance policies,retirment plan and many more things.In this case,this book comes as a eye opener in order to put light on our lives and to improvise our future.Because all of us only pray for a day to live on this earth with each night and rising morning.Afterall we all live for that each coming day with the enthusiasm to be there the next day day.That is the only hope that keeps us driving.
Be possitive and live life happily!!!!
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