Sunday, November 21, 2010

An unusual Evening

I guess by this particular title many of you might be eager to know what that incident was or for that matter an accident?...but yes that was a beautiful incident that just happened a few days back.Though it might sound boring,of much less importance.But for me i learnt a lesson of finding happiness in small l'll things happening around you.One should expereince only then these inspirational statements do really mean in our lives.
Well,let me explain what exactly happend.It was a Saturday evening and me and my hubby where so confused as to where to spend our rest of evening.Because we are not that used to stay at home on weekends.It sounds hell to us.Therefore,at first we decided we would visit a place called Little India here.As we thought we can as well have our dinner.But as it was weekend,the streets are crowded there.It actually looks like India during weekends :)
So both dropped the idea.My next target was obviously shopping which i love the most after coming to Singapore.But i was shocked to hear that before me my husband made the plan of taking me for shopping.But instead of happily agreeing i disagreed with him.Apne hi pair pe kulhadi mar di...Because the place he suggested was not great.However,at last we reached the bus stand.My husband wanted to watch the movie RED.He told me that.But we were in the wrong bus stand to go for it.So we decided we would travel by the first bus that would come now.So we settled down with this plan.Finally a bus arrived but we did not get in as we thought we did not want to go by it.But my dear husband suddenly realised that this bus does help us to reach our destination of movie.The bus was about to leave,we stopped the driver who was looking like a batata vada with his chinky eyes.And so as the passengers in the bus.The ones who were snoaring away to glory also were staring at us as if they had just met the bharathis of a bhooth.So finally we reached the theatre and got a ticket for RED.Later it was time for the pet pooja.So we decided something different today.So it was Pizza Hut this time.Never even thought about it.But felt so happy.Just enjoyed the evening.Especially the bus incident.We laughed away to glory.The movie also was a great combination of happiness.
A few small l'll things just make your day.I realised it.You smile at somebody,however the person's mood is he would feel great.You compliment a person who is not even the star of attraction,he feels proud of himself.So the day went on.I just reached home and thanked god for a lovely evening and a great life partner who cares about my happiness.