Monday, March 14, 2011

Proud to be 'ME'

I understand that is a great thought to have.Infact it takes ages to realise that how good and blessed you are in your present life.

It's been a long time since i have not blogged.There are many reasons.Tied up with loads of work,busy in myself,too many things happening around me and so not finding time for this.Actually none of these.It's only lazyness that has kept me away from my blog.Everytime whenever i had a feeling to blog,i would back as i felt i did not have anything relevent to share.But today while chating to an good old friend of mine i realised that how important i am in the lives of a few people.I have an extremely good abiltiy to make people happy.But why have i not realised this realty? that's because everytime i doubt my own self.My own ability.The power of managing things.

When i look back into a few such incidents that have made me to think about my abilities that have as well helped me to love myself and feel proud about.Though they may sound very tiny,but they did make an impact in my life.

I was crazly looking out for a job last year.I had almost been into depression for not being hired by anyone.Finally somebody was impressed by my profile and thought i would suit into the position.Therefore they hired me.It was something like this way.I need to learn the software that is configured in the company and help people in doing so as well...meaning training them.During a few days of my work atleast four to five times i have had a thought to run away from office and never come back again.But days changed and so did my attitude towards my job.I trained around 200 people.Great job done by me.Between i also had to manage my household chores after office.So multitasking as well.Double pat on my back.

I hated cooking till my marriage (i still do ).But now i cook for 20-25 people altogether that too some 6-7 dishes in the menu.So now you can call me a master chef..he he.I am proud of that.

So this way i have many to list down.But all would be bored to listen to me and would definitly label me as a self centered being.Yes i am one.

Many of us rarely try to realise about thier abilties.As they feel they are good for nothing or they are not worthied to live here.To all those people i only have onething to say....Be proud of yourself.Only then can you recognise others and thier abilties.



Sunday, January 9, 2011

A year full of joys,commitments,fights, wonderful marriage anniversary together

Now that asks for a pat in the back for a year long togetherness in a wedlock.But i just love this relationship.There were days when i was so nervous to even think about getting into this relationship.And now completing already a year ...cannot believe,its true.

Generally when a girl completes 21 years of age in India its like the girl is made to realise

that she is of marriagable age and its dangerous for her to stay alone anymore.Though the attitude of girls towards life is changed,but the above status still exists.Especially thier mothers become thier villains and suck thier blood till thier daughters are not bought to the altar to say "i do".But that is an old story now.Atleast in my life.Am a married women now.But i do feel sometimes that i should have married somewhere in later years of my life and not now.I have missed all that fun of bieng a single anymore.But this life also has its own charm in itself.A person who cares for you,loves you,understands a life partner.Well,i can say all this has come true in my life.With a wonderful husband around life has been much more loving and fun than before.I can say..ek pyar ka thadka tho har ek ke life main hona hi chahiye.But guys do not take me might be thinking andy tho fully fida hai apni shaadishuda zindagi main.No no no....nothing at all.There are and were a lot of hiccups ,fights,misunderstandings and what not.After all the manana and pyaar karna only then it would bear a lovely fruit.

Its always told that life is not a bed of roses.Especially the married life.It's true.Life is not at all that way.But one can get a few rose petals and sprinkle them here and there and give it a new meaning.I know am too young to lecture on marriage.Whatever experience i have got from a year long stay together,i thought of sharing with all my dear ones.I am sure you guys are much more knowledgeable and smarter than me.

Friends, do not be in a hurry to marry.Just because you were one of the guests to you friends or relatives wedding.You watched all the glamour,shor sharabha,backdrops,costumes,music,photographs does not mean that is marriage.My dear, yeh tho sirf trailer tha picture abhi bakhi hai mere dost.Because wedding is only for a day.But marriage is for the life time.

So guys enjoy ur life as it comes.They say do not take life seriously.But i say,take life seriously only then you can live every moment of it preciously.



Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trip to Mangalore-a memorable vacation

Oh yes.It is a memorable one.I can say right from the first day when we landed to India till date.All you people there here's wishing all of you a wonderful and funfilled 2011 ahead.May all your dreams come true.
A few of my Husband's friends this time asked me why am i not writing any blog now.I was shocked for a while and then blushing.I had never got that appreciation before personally.Many thanks to them for thier inspiration to write this blog.I never knew that there are people who followed my blog so honestly.Therefore,what better topic can i pick than sharing my vacation moments with all you great people out there.Ek choti si documentary tho zaroor ban sakthi hai...

As i told before my vacation is memorable right from the day i landed to India.We landed to B'lore from S'pore and thought of shopping for a while in Commercial St and Forum Mall.I was very excited once i touched down to B'lore and even more excited to visit Commercials.After the shopping we had to travel to our hometown M'lore by the bus at 10.30 pm that night.All excited about it (unaware about the sufferings in the later part of the night journey).The bus was smoothly running through the roads.As we were exhausted after our flight journey and shopping,we were fast asleep even before the bus took off.But after sometime there comes the worst.The bus started shaking as if its dancing for the tunes of "Sheila ki jawani" & "Munni badnaam hui".Aisa lag raha tha ki mano hum log kaanto par chal rahen ho.Our sleep had gone with the wind.One was lucky if he/she were in thier seats atleast for a second.So after all this dhakka mukka's finally a break of 3 hrs on the ghat section.Ek aisi jagah bus ruk gayi jahan na pani tha,na khana aur nahin network and a thick forest.

However the bus then travles after a break again on the thorns.The tyres of the bus were so patient that they did not trouble us at all.But they could not take it anymore and died off once down from the ghats.So another 1-2 hrs of break for the repairs.We all refreshed ourselves with a tasty dosa and chutney at a nearby hotel.So then after all these hardships we reached "safely" to Udupi.Seriously never knew we should have been nominees for arjuna awards for reaching our hometown.All thanks to the driver and his assistant for our safe departure.

All happy after meeting our near and dear ones and then taking a good nap.As this was required for a month long dramas of weddings,christenings,housewarmings,Communions and what not.Forgot to add Viral fever program which should have been our top of list as a priority.But as they say sickness never comes with invitation.
I had my share of viral fever,sneezing,throat infection,running nose and so as all at home.But we never gave up.We were and are attending all the possible programs here.
We also needed to energise ourselves to digest the feedbacks from the people in M'lore about our beauty and our body weights.So the feedbacks are as follows :" Audi (my pet name),you have not changed in terms of your complexion.But you have lost wieght", "You have not changed at all,niether put on nor lost wieght".Mano ki i went to Singapore for a beauty peagent and just returned after not even getting qualified in the final 10 contestants.Or i had been to Singapore for a Botox treatment to change my complexion/chop a part of my nose or chin/chop a part of my tummy.Nonsense.People can be so illiterate..never thought.After all this personality feedbacks there comes a feedback on family planning.Here i felt as if iam required to ask the permission from the the people here in M'lore inorder to when shall i plan for our baby.Amazing.But fun to listen to.
Whatever said and done.I love my Mangalore.As this is the place i opened my eyes and walked with my tiny l'll legs.I love the culture,the roce,the marriages,the baila,the meeting up with friends and relatives,the yummy food by mumma.The feeling is so different when i landed in India.I had my goosebumps.I felt as if i have come to heaven.An heaven where all my people are present.I just love them.