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Friday, October 8, 2010

Job Profile - Housewife

I know you guys must be wondering what this job profile is all about.But yes this is one of those job profile's with which our mother's worked without complaining.Just for us.Those days i never felt that its a great job,never felt like its a job either.Because they never made us feel so.And we were so happy as our worlds revolved around them.

I had never even thought that i would blog about this topic ever in my life.As it never made an impression in my mind.Yes,but now its my turn to be one among them.'HOUSEWIFE'.That sounds quiet boring and behenji types na.I know as soon as one comes to know that one is an housewife quickly our thinking goes to say,'oh she has got ample amount of time ...she has no other job than browsing fb...she can go around'.God!.Also the daily soaps are as well dedicated to the housewives.Though only about handfull of them watch it.But i do not understand the mentality of people.Bieng an housewife is not a simple and easy job at all.It's a thankless job infact.Also we are not paid for it.But yes the performance appraisals do schedule every now and then .

I do understand how my mother has taken care of me and my sister.The cooking,looking after our studies,the daily household chores....but not a single complaint.She was very dedicated staff of her household.I can say the founder of our family.

The reason for me to write this article is because am daily facing the comments showered on me being a housewife.There are a few good ones as well.I do not say the others are bad....but they do put me to think negatively.

I just want to express my gratitude towards all mother's and my mother especially for bieng such a dedicated person and a dedicated,loyal housewife.

Freinds please respect them....they are the backbone of our families.