Sunday, January 9, 2011

A year full of joys,commitments,fights, wonderful marriage anniversary together

Now that asks for a pat in the back for a year long togetherness in a wedlock.But i just love this relationship.There were days when i was so nervous to even think about getting into this relationship.And now completing already a year ...cannot believe,its true.

Generally when a girl completes 21 years of age in India its like the girl is made to realise

that she is of marriagable age and its dangerous for her to stay alone anymore.Though the attitude of girls towards life is changed,but the above status still exists.Especially thier mothers become thier villains and suck thier blood till thier daughters are not bought to the altar to say "i do".But that is an old story now.Atleast in my life.Am a married women now.But i do feel sometimes that i should have married somewhere in later years of my life and not now.I have missed all that fun of bieng a single anymore.But this life also has its own charm in itself.A person who cares for you,loves you,understands a life partner.Well,i can say all this has come true in my life.With a wonderful husband around life has been much more loving and fun than before.I can say..ek pyar ka thadka tho har ek ke life main hona hi chahiye.But guys do not take me might be thinking andy tho fully fida hai apni shaadishuda zindagi main.No no no....nothing at all.There are and were a lot of hiccups ,fights,misunderstandings and what not.After all the manana and pyaar karna only then it would bear a lovely fruit.

Its always told that life is not a bed of roses.Especially the married life.It's true.Life is not at all that way.But one can get a few rose petals and sprinkle them here and there and give it a new meaning.I know am too young to lecture on marriage.Whatever experience i have got from a year long stay together,i thought of sharing with all my dear ones.I am sure you guys are much more knowledgeable and smarter than me.

Friends, do not be in a hurry to marry.Just because you were one of the guests to you friends or relatives wedding.You watched all the glamour,shor sharabha,backdrops,costumes,music,photographs does not mean that is marriage.My dear, yeh tho sirf trailer tha picture abhi bakhi hai mere dost.Because wedding is only for a day.But marriage is for the life time.

So guys enjoy ur life as it comes.They say do not take life seriously.But i say,take life seriously only then you can live every moment of it preciously.



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