Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Comeback

Well....that's exactly what i would want to be called now. After a span of nearly 5 yrs here i am again  to fill in  my thoughts, emotions, feelings and what not with the world. I hope to be accepted by all once again in a hearty way.

After my last post in 2011 i merely did not have much time to even breathe as i was employed here and being very new to a country and securing a job surely puts one's emotions in a nervous breakdown phase nearly....

And then comes of phase where you surely get lost with not only within the outside world but also within you just feel blogging...GTH..and this went on and on and on and still going strongly until one day i stopped saying that.Why? because i needed my world now. The world which i lived of writing,blogging, reading. I have resumed reading thankfully when my daughter is off to school, when she takes her peaceful 2-3hrs naps after school,or in the park.

Therefore, now i thought of resuming blogging too. But yes, during the midnights as this would be a peaceful time to ponder over the entire day activities and either fume in anger over a few or laugh out laud at a few others. But ultimately just notice that one emotion coming out. And that would be the exact idea that  i would get to share with all.

Let me do this as a ritual atleast to write once in a week (hopefully).

So here i say hello people whoever the very few following me here please do continue doing so as i shall be active from now on.....


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