Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Living each minute,each day as if you would never get them back again

All you guys are feeling na..ki andy ko kya hua hai..badi senti ban rahi hai....yes dear's iam senti now.But there's a reason behind this.Just in the noon was feeling bugged with my last moment rush for the squeezing in of assignements.So thought lets download some movie.After a long time i was doing that.So i got 'We are Family' on my list.I did not feel like to watch.As it was sounding too emotional and also its KJ movie.So obviously there would a lot emotional drama.But there was no other go.As other top movies i was fed up of watching.Then it was time to get emotional and wet my T-shirt with tears.
The movie started off very well.Its wherein Kajol and Arjun are divorced and thier cute l'll 3 kids are stuck between them and Kajol's soutan Kareena.Everything goes on well untill its revealed that Kajol has cervical cancer .And she would be living only for few days.Baapre all the emotions break out.Laptop ke andhar bhi rona,laptop ke bahar bhi rona...rona hi rona...So it goes on that way...ab kya main saari ki saari kahani sunao..koi kaam dhanda nahin hai kya...obviously yaar hindi movie hai in the end allz well tho hona hi hai.
But when i was just watching it,i felt something that i thought i should share it with all.My sis always beleives live life king size.So do my parents.I used to always ignore it thinking all are getting senti.But today i realised,how true it is.Lets start living this life with each second in it,with each day in it.And you shall be happy ever after.You may never know whether you would be able to watch the sunrise of tomorrow.Because,that's the only secret god has never revealed to mankind.The death.
When you want your wishes to come true,make it come true.Do not wait for tomorrow.
If you love someone very much,please admit to them that yes i love you.Try to keep the loved ones around you happy,a smile can make thier day and they would never forget you.
Live life so beautifully that the almighty would feel proud and honoured that he is your creator.


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  1. Way to go Andy babes.... Loved this one... the most precious gift to our loved ones is "love" itself... :) keep posting! cheeers! :)